Wednesday, 27 December 2006

I finished my afghan!

I finished my afghan tonight. It was an easy pattern.

You start at one corner and, when it's half the size you want it to be, you start decreasing and end up with the opposite corner. It's a square.


Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, what a remarkable piece of work.


Lynn said...

I really like it alot! It is like fire! I see your cat loves it already. I bet your kitty has cuddled with parts of it before it was done. I love making afgans because they warm us as we build them.

Great Work!

Ute said...

Wow, I love it. The colors really are like fire. I have no patience for this kind of stuff. I am okay at sewing... it doesn't take long. ;)

Thanks for your visit.

Isabel said...

I love the colors! Great job Teena.