Saturday 16 September 2006

Kensington Market, Toronto, ON

Our computer has been dying for a while but we were going to wait and see if it would last until Christmas to get a new one. I'd had it for about eight years and it had served us well.

We had changed mortgage providers in June and I got a call from the new one last week to say that the old provider had deducted too much in tax property taxes. A nice surprise!! They cut us a cheque and we got it this week. So Christmas came early for us!

We started off with sustinance (aka lunch) at the Bellwoods Bar and Grill. We had quite a burger (who knew a 16 ounce burger would be sooooo big!!??) and fries for just $5.50! We'd never been there before but will go back!
The College/Spadina area is known for computer shops so that's where we walked to. We checked out five stores before we found the computer we wanted. It was going to take a couple hours to get it ready so we headed to nearby Kensington Market.

This car, parked on Augusta Street, was recently towed away but it's back. Yes, there are plants growing in it! Click here to read about it.
We had a couple drinks to celebrate our new purchase!

We picked up potatoes, a big mushroom and a pepper to BBQ with supper tonight.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a terrific day. I love how you carry around your camera with you to take us all along on your day.

Congrats on the new computer!!

Anonymous said...

That... hamburger! ... Must... have... that... hamburger......

Anonymous said...

My god the patty of that burger is so thick and I presumed juicy too! Lovely pictures! And congrats on the new PC

Anonymous said...

That is a cool couple... a cool car...and a cool neighborhoud :-)

And a very deli looking burger, got me hungry even if it would be a little much to eat for breakfast! But it feels like I could eat it....

Great post, it was like follow you around.

I've never been in Toronto, but my siblings have. They did visit our cousins who live there.

Maybe we'll go there some day...

We need new computers too, so I know how satiesfied you're feeling right now!

RennyBA said...

What a great post and lovely pictures and how lovely to hear about Christmas time in advance! Congrats with a new puter!
And what a great way to celebrate - your hubby’s beer looks delicious!
Have a lovely supper and then a great week ahead:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey T,

Congrats on the computer. Hopefully I too will join the new computer club. Still on my loaner. Anyway, looking forward to seeing all the new tricks you'll pull off now that (to borrow from Will Smith) you got rid of the Old and Busted for the New Hotness.


Deb @ Sugarfused said...

Getting a new computer is such fun! Enjoy!
Love the pictures :))

Vanda said...

Forget the burger and beer Tina, where is the picture of the new computer????????

Mind you I'd give my right arm or something to have a REAL American hamburger, ooops need to wipe the drool away;-))

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Veggies....I lived in and LOVED Toronto for 5 years, many moons ago, thanks for the walk along many of the streets I remember.

Huggs, G

PS Im looking forward to seeing your finished afghan, I love making them too.