Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Book ~ "The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog" - Rebecca Blood (2002)

From Amazon. com ~ Weblogs, frequently updated, independently produced, and curiously addictive, have become some of the most popular sites on the Web today. The Weblog Handbook is the first book to explain how weblogs work and explore their impact on the media landscape. There is no formula for creating a superb weblog but there are lessons to be drawn from maintaining one. In The Weblog Handbook, Rebecca Blood draws on her experience as an early participant in the weblog community to share what she has learned in three years of "living online." She explains how to choose among the available tools, even walking the beginner through the process of creating their first weblog. Along the way, she answers commonly asked questions concerning weblog etiquette, how to attract readers and the qualities that make a weblog stand out, alerting the novice to considerations and pitfalls they didn't know to ask about.

I've been blogging for over a year and I found this book interesting because it talked about how weblogs came to be and various things such as etiquette, etc.


Anonymous said...

C'om on!!! No why would I do a silly thing like read a book when I have you as my Obiwan Kenobe? :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Liz: it's more of "how come" book rather than a "how to".