Sunday, 17 September 2006

My husband, the fencer!

Gord has been fencing for almost a year. He got interested in it through an event we did last year with Single Horizons. So he joined a fencing club called Beaches Sabre Club.

He went into his first tournament today. This will give him ranking in the province and Canada. He's not sure how he did as he didn't stay for the whole thing but he doesn't think he came in last.

Here he is getting ready to head to the tournament:

They wear a white jacket (puncture-proof) over this outfit ... and then another jacket (metal) over that for scoring.

Update: Gord came 17 out of 22 ... it's his first tournament and he's pleased :)


Liz said...

Whahoo Gord!!! Lookin' fine in those spanky white duds!!!

That fancy sword ought to keep Teena in line when it comes to supply controls, don't you think? ;)


Teena said...

Don't be giving him any ideas, Liz!!!!!

Isabel said...

Doesn't he look spiffy! Did you find out how he did yet?

Lynn said...

In a very recent post on my grandparents I mentioned my grandfather was a swordsman. He was a fencer. I just thought it would take too much explaining what fencing is, so I made it simple.
If the Beaches club has a long heritage, my grandfather probably fenced there.
Fencing is very good for you. Makes a really stong torso.