Wednesday 20 September 2006

Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON

KC and I went to her favourite park this evening, Trinity Bellwoods Park. It was cool out and KC did a lot of running around and sniffing.

What a happy girl!

Garrison Creek used to run through the Park at the north end and Crawford Street Bridge was built over it. In the mid-60s, the Creek was filled in and pieces of the Bridge were removed and some were buried.

Crawford Street Bridge in 1917
The same spot this evening

Just south, you can follow the Creek's former path because its deep and wide shape is still there in places.


Anonymous said...

My pup gets extra frisky when it is cooler out. I have no idea why!

That is really interesting about the creek and bridge being gone now. Just goes to show how much things can change.

Isabel said...

That's interesting about the creek.

Looks like KC is having a ball.

~ames~ said...

KC is so cute!! I can't let Max run off the leash because he likes to chase cars, bikes, other dogs and people rollerblading.

Yes, Max is bad. LOL It's me who's bad because I don't know how to get him to stop! But I have an extra long leash for him and we run around in the park. It's all good.

Oh-he'll also jump into other peoples' game of catch. Be it baseball, football, frisbee. Or soccer ball-watch out because Max will want it. :P