Thursday 6 October 2005

Book ~ "Diary of a Blues Goddess" (2003) Erica Orloff

From ~ Georgia Ray sings in a successful New Orleans wedding band but her real desire is to be a blues singer like her great-aunt Irene. Georgia lives in her grandmother's brothel-turned-hotel, which is haunted by the ghost of a murdered prostitute who slams doors when the hotel's denizens make poor choices in love. Georgia knows a thing or two about this. After several failed relationships, she makes the mistake of sleeping with the bandmate her best friend, Maggie, is interested in. Then she runs into handsome Rick "Casanova" Jones, her high-school crush, at a wedding and suddenly she's head-over-heels in love. But as she reads her aunt Irene's diary, it draws her closer to achieving her dream of becoming a bona fide blues goddess.

This is a fun light book that involves New Orleans, drag queens, blues music, broken hearts and ghosts.

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