Saturday 29 October 2005

Dogs Rule!

OK, so…what’s the deal with dogs? They sniff places they shouldn’t.
They want to go in when they’re out
And out when they’re in.
And they’re more trouble
Than a two year old
Why, then, do we love them so much?

Could it be they fill a need
Deep within us for a loyal friend?
A companion who doesn’t care
What we look like
Or how much we weigh?
Fact is, they totally adore us
When we are way less than adorable.
They never breach a confidence,
And they’re always
Watching out for us
With that irresistible,
Goofy, puppy dog look
On their face.
(And best of all,
They don’t get all hot and bothered
When we pet them.)

Surely there has never been a more devoted
And affectionate creature
Than this bundle of unconditional love
With a hairy face!

© 2003 Suzy Toronto

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