Thursday 13 October 2005

Casino Rama, Orillia, ON

It was a rainy day so we decided to drive to Orillia (about an hour away) to check out Casino Rama. I've never been there before. Though I'm not a big gambler, I was interested in seeing what it was like. They have a great facility ~ big casino, hotel and entertainment centre (Engelbert Humberdinck was playing tonight).

I find the slots really boring. This summer Gord taught me how to play roulette and I find that fun. So I sat down with $100 ~ that's the most I was willing to lose. After I won a couple times, I set aside $100. Then I won more and I set another $100 aside. The rest (about $80) was now the most I was willing to lose. If nothing else, I was going home doubling my money. And that's what happened. It cost me $100 to win another $100 and I had a couple hours of fun. Gord came away with a profit of $82 (he also was playing with $100).

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