Thursday 11 August 2005

Book ~ "The Switch" (2001) Sandra Brown

From ~ When Gillian hears her biological clock ticking, she is inseminated. Gillian switches places with her twin, a media escort, and chauffeurs astronaut, Chief Hart, around town. It turns out to be a fatal attraction and suspicion falls on Chief when Gillian's mutilated body is found the next day. The dead woman's boyfriend, Jem Hennings, has a vested interest in focusing police efforts on Hart but Melina has her own reasons for thinking him wrong. Jem's connection with a charismatic preacher known as Brother Gabriel is at the heart of this mildly creepy mystery, in which Melina tracks Brother Gabriel to his lair and uncovers his plot while simultaneously revealing her own dark secret.

I read this book a couple years ago so knew how it was going to end but I still enjoyed it again. There's lot of action, interesting characters and a good mystery. I like Sandra Brown's mystery novels - her romances not so much.

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