Wednesday 3 August 2005

Book ~ "Million Dollar Baby: Stories from the Corner" (2005) F.X. Toole

From ~ The 69-year-old author wrote this collection of five stories and a novella between gigs tending boxers in their corners as a "cut man" (who stanches the blood flow and allows fights to continue). "The Money Look" is an turning-the-tables yarn at the expense of a cynical crook of a fighter; "Black Jew" is a telling tale of humble ambition woven with the lure of big money. A lacerating account of a courageous, deeply endearing hillbilly woman fighter and her sad fate, "Million $$$ Baby," is the best story in the book. "Fightin' in Philly" is a moving tale of the toll the ambition to be a title fighter takes on a man. Another innocent torn up by the fight game is portrayed in "Frozen Water." The novella, "Rope Burns," is pitting of an Olympic contender against a low-life East Los Angeles gang member at the time of the Rodney King riots.

Unfortunately he didn't live to see "Million Dollar Baby" made as a movie.

Definitely a good read if you are into boxing. I'm taking boxing classes so I found it interesting.

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