Sunday 28 August 2005

"Rocky Horror Picture Show", Stage West, Toronto, ON

It's the story of an ordinary couple and one unforgettable night at the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad-scientist from the planet Transexual. Brad and Janet have arrived on their special night, the night of Dr. Furter's "beautiful creature", Rocky, the adonis humanoid created for the release of Frank's "tension", was to be born.

This show was fabulous! I love the movie and was looking forward to seeing the play. Since it is at Stage West, I was concerned that it would be a very toned down version of the movie. We go to Stage West for the Sunday brunch show and there's mostly an older crowd.

This show is very sexual and raunchy. I was amazed that the older folks weren't running for the doors during the intermission. At one point in the show, Dr. Frankenfurter goes into the audience, sits on an old dude's lap and gives him a couple big kisses on the forehead. Rather than wipe the lipstick off, the old dude wore it proudly and that's how he left the theatre! There were a couple people participating (doing the talkbacks, dancing the Time Warp, etc.) .

I'd definitely recommend this play!

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