Sunday 21 August 2005

Book ~ "Girls' Poker Night" (2004) Jill Davis

From ~ The story of Ruby Capote, a columnist who makes a move from Boston to New York to escape her nice but imperfect boyfriend, Doug. Ruby gets a job at the New York News writing a column that chronicles the lives of her gal pals, who get together every week to play poker. Her boss, Michael, enjoys her column but he pushes her to dig deeper, to stop skimming the surface and actually analyze her own life. Ruby is falling fast for Michael, and he seems to reciprocate, but Ruby's standoffishness makes it impossible for the two to have a normal relationship. When Michael tells Ruby about a surprising detail from his past, the revelation sends Ruby running. As her friends begin to find their paths in life, Ruby wonders what it will take to find hers.

This is a quick fun read. The chapters are quite short - sometimes less than a page. The writing is humourous and Ruby gets into many funny adventures.

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