Wednesday 28 February 2024

Book ~ "Murphy's Logic: Insights from 45 Years in the News Business" (2023) Steve Murphy

From Goodreads ~ Former anchor of CTV News at Six Steve Murphy offers lessons learned and opinions garnered on the changing face of the news industry over his forty-five-year career in this candid memoir. 

After a lifetime of reporting news and showcasing the opinions of others, Steve Murphy is finally ready to express his own opinions about the things he's done and the people he's met along the way. "Murphy's Logic" delves without reservation into Murphy's informal education in broadcasting, beginning as a sixteen-year-old kid who "just wanted to be on the radio." Mixing memoir and commentary, Murphy writes about his adventures covering significant regional, national, and international events and offers unique insight into the more than five thousand interviews he has conducted over his forty-five-year career - with five prime ministers, thirty-five premiers and numerous historic figures and celebrities.

Both candid and brutally honest, "Murphy's Logic" examines, for the first time, two high-profile occasions during which Murphy unintentionally - and uncomfortably - became part of the stories he was covering. He offers pointed views on how the proliferation of social media has dramatically affected the news industry, and challenges readers to think critically about the media they consume.

Steve Murphy is a former anchor of CTV News out of Halifax, NS, and he retired at the end of 2021. The book starts with him telling us how it all began ... working at a radio station in Saint John, NB, when he was still in high school. He knew it was what he wanted to do and was able to advance throughout his career with no formal education by working hard and being in the right place at the right time.

I moved from Nova Scotia in the spring of 1987 so many things and people he talked about brought back memories (I graduated from high school with one of his former colleagues). As a newsman, he has many stories, not surprising that the majority are political ... I'm not political at all and am not really up on the politics of the Maritime Provinces so found these less interesting. It was interesting, though, to read about the behind-the-scenes of how radio and TV stations work.

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