Thursday 29 February 2024

Jordan Hat

I just finished knitting a Jordan Hat (I adapted a baby's hat to an adult's). It’s the first time I made it and it was fun and easy. The colour is arctic. 

Cast on 96 stitches on a 5mm circular needle or a set of 5mm double pointed needles.


Knit 10 rows garter stitch

  • Row 11: Knit to end 
  • Row 12: Knit to end
  • Row 13: *p4, k4* repeat
  • Row 14: Knit to end 
  • Row 15: *p4, k4* repeat 
  • Row 16: Knit to end
  • Row 17: *p4, k4* repeat
  • Row 18: Knit to end
  • Row 19: Knit to end
  • Row 20: Knit to end
  • Row 21: *k4, p4 repeat 
  • Row 22: Knit to end 
  • Row 23: *k4, p4 repeat 
  • Row 24: Knit to end
  • Row 25: *k4, p4 repeat 
  • Row 26: Knit to end 
  • Repeat these 16 rows

Shape Crown

Change to double pointed needles when work becomes tight. Divide the hat into 8 segments as follows. Next Round. K 11 (12, 13), place marker. Repeat to end of round. Decrease Round 1. Purl. Decrease Round 2. Knit until 2 stitches remain before marker, K2tog. Repeat to end of round (8 stitches decreased). Repeat these two rounds until 1 stitch remains in each segment (8 stitches). Purl 1 round. Break yarn, thread through remaining loops, pull tight, and secure ends.

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