Saturday 3 February 2024

"Rockabye", Factory Theatre, Toronto, ON

Gord and I saw Rockabye this afternoon at the Factory Theatre. 

Capitalism, Race, and Pop Culture. You know, the small stuff. Sidney can feel her career slipping down the drain. No one loves a pop star when she’s past forty. Unless she wants to join the ranks of the has-beens on the casino circuit, she needs to reinvent herself – and quick. But what if she regains her former glory and still feels that something is missing?

Though it seemed disjointed, it was good and we enjoyed it. 

It could have been broken up into two plays, though … (1) Sidney, a has-been singer trying to make a comeback and (2) the dilemma of whether a white woman should be able to adopt a Black baby from Africa. There were a couple scenes that could have been cut out to make the play shorter (it's almost three hours) and wouldn’t have changed the storyline. The actors were believable but a couple of the accents sounded fake and were hard to understand at times.

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