Tuesday 27 December 2022

Book ~ "You Knew Me When" (2013) Emily Liebert

From Goodreads ~ Best friends forever ... until life got in the way. Katherine Hill left her small New England hometown in pursuit of a dream. Now, twelve years later, she’s a high-powered cosmetics executive in Manhattan and a much glossier version of her former self, unrecognizable to her family and old friends. Not that she would know - she hasn’t been home in over a decade.

Laney Marten always swore she’d never get "stuck” in Manchester, Vermont. No, she was destined to live out her glamorous big-city dreams. Instead, she wound up a young wife and mother. That was when her best friend ran out.

When Katherine receives word of an inheritance from former neighbour, Luella Hancock, she reluctantly returns home to the people and places she left behind. Hoping for a second chance, she’s met by an unforgiving Laney, her former best friend. And there’s someone else who’s moved on without her - someone she once loved.

Tethered to their shared inheritance of Luella’s sprawling Victorian mansion, Katherine and Laney are forced to address their long-standing grudges. Through this, they come to understand that while life has taken them in different directions, ultimately the bonds of friendship and sisterhood still bind them together. But are some wounds too old and deep to mend?

Kitty and Laney were best friends and neighbours since Kitty moved the neighbourhood when they were about 10. Kitty's mother had been killed when she was hit by a car and Laney's mother along with Luella, an older woman who lived in the house between theirs, became surrogate mothers to Kitty as she was growing up. Laney was more of the leader and had their lives planned out ... they were going to go to university and then move to New York.

But that all changed 12 years ago and it was Kitty (now known as Katherine) who ended up moving to New York alone and with Luella's connections ends up working in the cosmetic industry. She now has an important job but all she does is work. Katherine is not a warm and fuzzy person. Laney ends up staying in their small town, married and a mom, working in a spa. Because of a rift (which we don't find out the details until towards the end), they haven't spoken in all those years and Katherine hasn't been home since. Luella has passed away and Katherine and Laney are in her will. They must work together in order to receive their inheritance. 

This is the first book I've read by this author and I liked it. It is written is third person perspective when the focus is on present day and first person present tense in Kitty and Laney's voices when it went back in time (the chapters are labelled). As a head's up, there is swearing.

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