Sunday 4 December 2022

Book ~ "Racing the Light" (2022) Robert Crais

From Goodreads ~ Adele Schumacher isn't a typical worried mom. When she hires Elvis to find her missing son, a controversial podcaster named Josh Shoe, she brings a bag filled with cash, bizarre tales of government conspiracies and a squad of professional bodyguards. Finding Josh should be simple but Elvis quickly learns he isn't alone in the hunt - a deadly team of mysterious strangers are determined to find Josh and his adult film star girlfriend first.

With Elvis being watched and dangerous secrets lurking behind every lead, Elvis needs his friend, Joe Pike, more than ever to uncover the truth about Josh, corrupt politicians and the vicious business cartels rotting the heart of Los Angeles from within. And when Elvis Cole's estranged girlfriend, Lucy Chenier, and her son, Ben, return, Elvis learns just how much he has to lose ... if he survives.

Elvis Cole is a private detective and is hired by Adele to find her adult son, Josh, who is a podcaster. Money is no object as she hands him a pile of cash for the job. As Elvis starts to investigate, he discovers that Josh's parents are the retirees he was told they were ... why would they have so many body guards and does who they really are have anything to do with his disappearance? 

As Elvis starts on Josh's trail, he discovers that Skylar, a porn star/escort friend of Josh's, is also missing. He figures if he can find Skylar, he'll find Josh since her neighbours have said he'd recently stopped by looking for her. When he discovers that Josh's home has been bugged with super duper surveillance technology, he realizes the story Josh was so intent to uncover and podcast about and it might have gotten him killed.

In the meantime, Lucy, Elvis' ex-girlfriend and the love of his life, is back in town with her teenage son and trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life.

I discovered the Elvis Cole series in the 1990s.  What attracted me to it was that Elvis was funny and tried to be charming ... the books were a fun read.  I found this one (and the last few) was more heavy and serious and not as much fun. There were so many characters and relationships and I thought it was confusing at times.  It it hadn't been a Robert Crais/Elvis Cole book, I'm sad to say I would have given up on it. The book is written in first person perspective when the focus is on Elvis and third person perspective when Elvis is not in the scene.  Though it's #19 in the series, it works as a stand alone.  As a head's up, there is swearing and violence.

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