Saturday 19 November 2022

Cat Shelter Building Workshop, Toronto Street Cats, Toronto, ON

I spent this morning volunteering with Toronto Street Cats building cat shelters.  The workshops are held throughout the fall and winter season in the garage of the Toronto Humane Society.  It's my fifth year volunteering with them ... it's so nice helping the kitties in Toronto keep warm and dry during the cold winter. 71 cat shelters were made and 103 were sold!

Our mission: improve the lives of Toronto’s homeless cats by offering spay/neuter services, free for feral cats, and building overwintering shelters. We are also working to increase public awareness about Toronto’s homeless cat population and the importance of spay/neuter and trap/neuter/return (TNR).

We are part of the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition, working together to implement strategic TNR programs to sterilize Toronto’s feral cats, decrease shelter intake and reduce euthanasia rates.

Last week we had prepped a lot of shelters by taping the insulated walls so we started today by taping the tubing in the shelters. 


Once we caught up, volunteers started the beginning by putting together the  insulated wall inserts (I did tubing all morning).

Thom cut the tubing for the entrance ways, cut the Styrofoam for insulated walls and drilled holes into the bins after the insulated walls had been taped inside.  Judy put the straw in the bins and closed them up. 

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