Wednesday 23 November 2022

Book ~ "The Cat in the Christmas Tree: And Other True Stories of Feline Joy and Merry Mischief" (2022) Callie Smith Grant

From Goodreads ~ Christmas is a time for joy, wonder and a little bit of mischief. Does any creature manifest these attitudes better than a cat? Their fascination with all those breakable ornaments on the tree and their appreciation of a cozy spot to nap seem made for the season. The way they alternate between calm and crazy echoes the way we all feel at Christmas, doesn't it? And that's just what you get with "The Cat in the Christmas Tree".

This collection of true, feel-good holiday stories by various writers celebrates the gift of cats and delivers all the warm fuzzies you could desire. It's the perfect companion for those magical Christmas evenings in front of the fireplace with your favorite feline. It also makes the purrfect gift for cat-loving friends.

I love reading stories about animals. We have two cats we got from a rescue (and I volunteer for that rescue) so this book caught my eye.

This book has 27 short stories about people who have cats and their antics around Christmastime. Not surprisingly, there are a couple stories about trees being toppled and ornaments being broken. It's a quick read and the stories were cute and heartwarming.

I was surprised, though, at the amount of people in the stories who let their cats outside. I live on a busy street and our cats are never allowed outside. They are happy and safe with their inside world because they don't know any better (indoor cats have longer lifespans).

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