Tuesday 29 November 2022

Book ~ "Shadow" (2007) Ellen Miles

From Goodreads ~ Welcome to the Puppy Place - where every puppy finds a home!

Charles and Lizzie Peterson know a lot about puppies. That's because the Petersons are a foster family for young dogs. Someday they will have a puppy of their own. Until then, they keep busy helping special puppies find homes. 

When the Petersons meet Shadow, they know he is very special. He is a cute black Labrador retriever and he is extremely smart. Everyone agrees that Shadow deserves the best. He will be the perfect puppy for someone. But who will be the perfect owner for him?

Charles and his older sister, Lizzie, are in elementary school. They have been bugging their parents to get a dog but their mom is a cat person and has said no. She agrees to let them foster dogs so they can see what it's like having the responsibility of having a dog. 

A vet contacts them asks if they would like to foster Shadow, a Labrador retriever puppy, and find a home for him. Charles and Lizzie hope their home will be Shadow's new home. But their parents say no because they are going on vacation in a couple weeks and it's not the right time ... so they have to find a home for Shadow. During show and tell in her class one day, Lizzie gets the inspiration for what would be the best thing for Shadow.

Though this book is a quick read and directed at elementary-aged children, I found it entertaining. There is a learning experience and a puppy tip at the end. It is written in third person perspective and first person from Shadow's point of view. It is the third in the Puppy Place series, which currently has 64 books in the series, and works as a stand alone.

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