Sunday 16 October 2022

TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half-Marathon & 5k, Toronto, ON

The TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half-Marathon & 5k was today and Gord and I participated.

We're not runners but we walked (briskly) the 5km.  This is the fifth year I did it (2020 and 2021 were done virtually). We did it in the Charity Challenge in support of the Annex Cat Rescue, who we volunteer with.

Our 5km started near Ontario Place so we walked there.  We crossed through the Exhibition GOTrain station.

We were in the "purple" corral and we got in place along with everyone else.

Our corral left at 8:20am.

The route was marked with markers.

Just a half km to go!
The end!

Here I am getting my medal ... whoohoo!

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