Tuesday 3 May 2022

Book ~ "Every Vow You Break" (2021) Peter Swanson

From GoodreadsAbigail Baskin never thought she’d fall in love with a millionaire. Then she met Bruce Lamb. But right before the wedding, Abigail has a drunken one-night stand on her bachelorette weekend. She puts the incident - and the sexy guy who wouldn’t give her his real name - out of her mind and now believes she wants to be with Bruce for the rest of her life.

Then the mysterious stranger suddenly appears - and Abigail’s future life and happiness are turned upside down. He insists that their passionate night was the beginning of something special and he’s tracked her down to prove it.

Does she tell Bruce and ruin their idyllic honeymoon - and possibly their marriage? Or should she handle this psychopathic stalker on her own? To make the situation worse, strange things begin to happen. She sees a terrified woman in the night shadows and no one at the resort seems to believe anything is amiss … including her perfect new husband. 

When Abigail and Bruce met, it was love at first sight for him ... she'd needed more time for it to happen for her.  And when it did, they got engaged and started planning their wedding.  Bruce is a millionaire so money was no object.  He even sent her off to California with her friends for her bachelorette weekend.  There she meets a man one night, they have some drinks and chat, and she ends up sleeping with him that night ... they don't know each other's names and nickname each other Madeline and Scottie.  Abigail is filled with remorse the next day and it reenforces her decision to marry Bruce.

Before the wedding, Abigail sees Scottie at a coffee shop in New York where they live and then receives an email from him.  He says she is the one for him and he'd like a chance to prove it.  She politely turns him down and worries that Bruce will find out that night.  But he doesn't and they carry on with the wedding.  Bruce plans their honeymoon at a secluded resort he has partial ownership in on an island off the coast of Maine ... there's no WIFI, TV, etc. and exclusive to a limited amount of clientele.  Their every wish will be catered to and everything is the best of the best.  There is one other honeymooning couple and Abigail is happy to have some female company.  Abigail finds the resort a bit too creepy and eventually wants to leave ASAP.

I thought this story was okay ... there were lots of twists and turns which were fun.  But the ending was ridiculous and I wasn't buying it.  With all that had happened, it should have ended differently which would have been better.  It's written in third person in with the focus on Abigail.  I didn't find the characters likable, even Abigail who it seemed to me was mainly marrying Bruce for his money and was trying to convince herself (and the reader) otherwise.  As a head's up, there is swearing.

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