Saturday 7 May 2022

Lucha Libre, stackt market, Toronto, ON

While I was at stackt, I discovered there was going to be entertainment ... there was a wresting ring set up on the patio.

“Demand Lucha returns to stackt market for the ultimate Cinco De Mayo celebration: a evening filled with authentic high flying Lucha Libre action! Luchadores will be bringing their wild personalities to settle their differences in international action-packed battles. Featuring an international line-up with Lucha Libre stars from Mexico, Canada, United States and Puerto Rico.”

It was lots of fun to watch and the crowd got really into it.  The "performers" (they were never referred to as "wrestlers") played their parts well and despite it not being real, I imagine some of the smacks and drops did hurt.

The first match was between a big guy and girl ... the girl won!

A tag team match!

The third match ...

The final match was four guys in the ring beating up each other!

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Teresa said...

Looks to be rather entertaining.