Wednesday 6 April 2022

Wednesday - Royalton Hicacos Resort and Spa, Varadero, Cuba

I haven’t had breakfast the last couple of days and finding that by lunchtime I’m starving. So I headed to the Bistro for breakfast … I ordered fried eggs, bacon and toast. It wasn’t quite what I’m used to but it did the trick.  It was a lovely spot to start the day.

I headed to the beach and got a shady spot! Whoohoo! The water was amazing!

I had a late lunch at the Beach Grill, which is right on the beach … yes, it’s become my routine! I got there early so got a table. I ordered a burger and fries and a couple of beer, which were good. 

And there were kitties! The tabby was quite a bum!

My towel art was appealing today!

Rather than go to the buffet for supper, I thought I’d check out one of the restaurants. I like Italian food so headed to the Italian restaurant. There was a “salad bar” so I got so sliced ham, tomatoes and crusty bread. I ordered minestrone soup, lasagna and chocolate cake. The soup was REALLY salty and had mushy carrots … I couldn’t eat it all. The lasagna was REALLY salty and burnt … not good at all. And the cake was dry and tasteless. So a nasty meal overall.

After supper, I headed to the lobby bar for a couple drinks and read.

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