Sunday 10 April 2022

The Scented Market, Guelph, ON

The Scented Market (of Guelph, ON) now has a candle subscription box.  I've bought a couple of their candles in the past and liked them so recently subscribed for a year. 

Each box is filled with 3 seasonal candles + 1 exclusive candle only available in the subscription box!  My first box, the spring one, arrived last week.

The candles are:
  • Bundle of Joy - the very first smell of that newborn ... so fresh 
  • Spring Fever - the light and airy scent of spring blowing through an open window 
  • Freshen Up - the aroma of cucumber slices place gently over your eyes ... topped with a note of honeydew 
  • Home Town - the smell of fresh oven-baked bread with melting butter

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