Friday 2 April 2021

Ghost Kitchens, Toronto, ON

Ghost Kitchens opened in our 'hood at Queen Street W/Dovercourt Road late last year. 

The concept is they freshly prepare well-known and comforting food brands in one kitchen and location for delivery or pick-up. 

Though we could have ordered online and picked it up, we stopped in on our way home from our float and ordered via their machine.  It's an interesting concept ... you can get something from different providers in one spot!

We both ordered wings.  Gord got plain wings with sweet chilli sauce on the side and I ordered wings with jerk sauce through Canadian Jerk.  They were good wings and we'd get them again.

Gord's plain wings with sweet chilli sauce on the side
My wings with jerk sauce ... they had a nice bite to them

We're looking forward to trying a combination of other things!

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Teresa said...

Interesting concept!