Friday 9 April 2021

COVID vaccine #1

Ontario and Canada has been very slow in administering COVID vaccines.  Ontario recently went into our third lockdown ... only essential businesses are open.  It seems we are worse off than we were a year ago when this all started.  

Vaccines have been rolled out by age group, with our seniors rightfully being targeted first as they are the most vulnerable.

Gord got his first shot last Thursday at one of our hospitals because he is a transplant patient.  And because of this, he doesn't have to wait three months to get his second shot ... he's getting it next week.  Yay!

Last week my age group could start registering to be notified when appointments are available.  I registered at a couple of our local drug stores but didn't hear anything.  This morning I did it again.  With Rexall, you have to register at specific stores so I did at some downtown.  Within an hour, I received an email from a Rexall that I could make an appointment and when I checked, I could have one today.  Today!  So I scheduled one for 4:10pm.  Right after that, I received an email that I could register at another Rexall downtown. 

The Rexall I went to had been out of vaccines for a while and had gotten a shipment this morning.  It's encouraging to see things are finally moving.

Here I am getting my shot ... thanks, Ruth Anne!

Big relief to get shot #1!  I can't wait for shot #2!

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Teresa said...

Congratulations on step 1 to freedom. Is this shitshow ever going to end? My second does is scheduled 3.5 months after the first. That is pushing the limits of the science but heck what do I know. Take care keep safe.