Friday 20 December 2019

Create Your Own Custom Silver Ring Workshop, Toronto, ON

This evening Gord and I attended a workshop from 5pm to 9pm in which we each made a silver ring from scratch.  It was hosted by Danielle Crampsie of Soundwave Jewellery at her studio, which is in our 'hood.

Using real sterling silver, tiny saws, hammers, and fire, you'll create your very own ring. I'll teach you how to measure, cut, solder, bend, file, and polish your custom creation. You can also texturize or letter stamp it to make it truly one of a kind. You'll leave wearing your new ring with a sense of great accomplishment and the perfect souvenir.

The first step was to choose our width and style.  Mine is 4mm and flat and Gord's is 6mm and bevelled.

Mine is on the left and Gord's is on the right

Then we measured and cut the length ... surprisingly it's not just measuring but a mathematical equation.

MT = metal thickness
ID - inside diametre

We cut the strip of silver to our size.

We had to file the end we cut so it was straight.

I put our initials inside my ring since I was going to put a pattern on the outside.  Gord put our initials on the inside of his ring.

We had to heat up the silver to bend it.

Our rings don't look like much now but just wait!

We had to solder the connect the ends together.

Then we banged our rings to get them in shape.

I wanted a pattern on mine so banged it with a substantial hammer.

Next came smoothing out the edges with sandpaper.

We headed downstairs to buff and shine the inside and outside of our rings.

Our rings look great!  Thanks, Danielle!  It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it!

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