Saturday 18 May 2019

Americas Rugby League Nines Championship, Lamport Stadium, Toronto, ON

Today Canada hosted three fellow Americas teams at the inaugural Americas Nines Championship  at Lamport Stadium (a couple blocks from home) ... apparently it will take place every two years beginning this year.  The tournament featured the Canada Wolverines, USA Hawks, Latin Heat and the Reggae Warriors men's national teams battling for the title of Americas Rugby League Nines Champions.  There was also a women's competition with Canada, Ontario and Jamaica.

Including the men's consolation final and men's final matches, there were 11 matches.  Each match had two nine-minute halves and each team had nine players on the field ... hence the name (nines).  The first match started at 12:30pm and the last one finished about 6:30pm ... and Gord and I were there for them all!  It was a fun day!

It would have been nice, though, if the games could have been announced rather than just having the teams take the field and play and having to figure out who was the "home" team.

Gord and I have season tickets for the Toronto Wolfpack so our tickets for today were complimentary (otherwise they were only $10).

Here were the prizes.

Women's on the left and men's on the right

Men - Canada 24 ~ Jamaica 6

Men - USA 30 ~ Latin Heat 4

Women - Canada 28 ~ Ontario 9

An action-shot of Gord!

Here are Gord and I.

Men - Canada 28 ~ Latin Heat 0

Men - USA 18 ~ Jamaica 4

Women - Ontario 24 ~ Jamaica 4

Men - Canada 14 ~ USA 14

Men - Jamaica 16 ~ Latin Heat 10

Women - Canada 26 ~ Jamaica 0 ... Congrats to Team Canada for winning the women’s championship!

Men’s consolation game - Jamaica 34 ~ Latin Heat 4. Congrats to Jamaica for coming in third place!

Men’s championship game - Canada 8 ~ USA 20 ... Congrats to the USA for coming in first and Canada for coming in second!

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