Saturday 25 May 2019

2019 Ontario Terry Fox Organizers Workshop, Toronto, ON

I've done (walked briskly!) the Terry Fox Run in Liberty Village (near my 'hood) the last two years ... last year I was also an organizer/volunteer and will be again this year.

Every year the Terry Fox Foundation organizes is a day long workshop for organizers/volunteers in Ontario.  My friend and neighbour, Dawn, has been volunteering for the run since the run started in Liberty Village and she and I went together today.

It was held at the Four Seasons head office ... Isadore Sharp, founder and chairman of the Four Seasons, helped started the Terry Fox Run and donates the space for the workshop.

You could buy teeshirts, shirts, flags, books, etc ... I bought a ball cap.

I've read both of these books
The ball cap I bought

On the way to the meeting room, there were tribute signs.

Martha McClew, Ontario Provincial Director, welcomed about 200 attendees.

Wendy Kennelly, TFF Director of Operations West, discussed Legacy is Your Super Power.

Legacy and milestone awards were given out ... Martha McClew was recognized for 30 years being a part of the Terry Fox Run.

Terry's brother, Fred, had sent a video
Complete with a tiara and sash!

Certificates of Appreciation were given out to the different runs.  Our Liberty Village run has reached the milestone of having $100,000 in donations ... not bad for just three years!

Dr. Tony Mutsaers of the University of Guelph discussed Using Comparative Oncology to Improve Cancer Treatment for Pets and People.

Steve Smyth, Senior Corporate Development Office with the Foundation, Keri with the Oakville Run, Tara, and Rachel with the Foundation discussed the importance of teams in Making Teams Work in Your Community.

Rebecca with the Scarborough Run, Pamela with the Beaches Run, and Aysha and Sal of the Toronto - City Place Run gave us tips Maximize Your Fundraising with Social Media.

Brain cancer survivor Darrin Park discussed Never Say Good-Bye ... despite all he'd gone through seven years ago, he was funny.

Nancy with the Port Colborne Run, John with the Scarborough Run and Kristi with the Kingston Run discussed Humble Brags in 3 Minutes: How I Raised More Money.

Bill Pristanski, the Foundation's Board Chair, and Pam Damoff, MP for Oakville North-Burlington and with the Oakville Run discussed The Road Map to Cure Cancer.  Recently $150 million was directed federally towards cancer research.

Don and Pam, from the Heart of Georgian Bay Run discussed Tips and Tools.

Pete Bombaci of The Genwell Project discussed Old School Connection ... encouraging facee-to-face interactions.

At the end of the day, Martha thanked everyone for coming.

During the day, they drew raffle tickets for prizes ... alas, Dawn, Jason nor I won anything.

It was a fun, interesting and inspirational day and there was a lot of love in the room!

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