Wednesday 9 November 2016

Metropolitan Hotel, Vancouver, BC

I have an enrolment seminar to conduct this morning in Vancouver and spent last night at the Metropolitan Hotel (on Howe Street).

Here was my suite ...

Behind the drapes and blinds there is a Juliet balcony
in the living room and bedroom
The bed was comfy!
The bath towels were huge!

I liked the space ... it was large, laid out well and roomy.  There was a mini fridge stocked with pop and alcohol (for a cost) but there was still room for my bottles of water.

The hotel is right downtown and walkable to everything.  The staff were very friendly.

I had two issues with the suite, though.   One was the heat/air.  The living room was nice and cool, the bedroom was warm and stuffy and the bathroom was cold.  I adjusted the thermostat but that just blew more cool air into the living room and warm air into the bedroom.  So I turned it off and let the air settle itself.

The other issue was the wifi, which is complimentary.  It wasn't consistent.  Sometimes it would be speedy ... then slow down ... and then shut off for about ten minutes.  This happened all last evening.  I was trying to get some work done so ended up using my phone as a hotspot for wifi.

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