Sunday 6 November 2016

Book ~ "Catology" (2016) Adrian Searle and Oliver Ninnis

From Goodreads ~ Just what is your cat thinking? As it gazes up at you, are those eyes filled with love and admiration or spite and scorn? From the author of the award-winning "101 Uses of a Dead Kindle" and "If Dogs Could Swear" comes a hilarious insight into the twisted, venal, self-serving psychology of our cutest four-legged sociopaths. 

"Catology" is a psychiatrist's view of your moggy; a brilliant, unforgettable and twisted look at the many bizarre, ridiculous and instantly recognisable scenarios in which cat owners find their beloved pets every day. 

I have two kitties and books about cats always catch  my eye.

This book has about 80 cartoons that will give you insight into the motivation of your kitty.  This was a quick fun read and kitty lovers will find it amusing.

Here are some examples I would relate to ...

This is sooooo Morgan!
This reminds me of Crumpet!
Our kitties love boxes
Both Morgan and Crumpet hide when we vacuum

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