Saturday 20 August 2016

"LUZIA - A Waking Dream of Mexico", Cirque du Soleil, Toronto, ON

Gord and I saw Cirque du Soleil's LUZIA - A Waking Dream of Mexico tonight.

Discover LUZIA, where a waking dream transports you to an imaginary Mexico. Experience a wondrous world that inspires you to explore your senses, enveloped in light and nurtured by rain.

It takes place in a tent that has been set up in a parking lot by the east end of Toronto Harbour.

You can buy souvenirs, snacks and drinks.

Me and Gord

Our seats were in section 200 in row L.  Here's the stage before it got started.

Some birds came out with watering cans to entertain before the show started.

I had no idea what the story was about (I never do with Cirque) but that didn't matter ... the show was amazing.  There is a large cast and there is always something going on.  There are lots of acrobatics, balancing, hoop divers, juggling, singing, laughs (the clown was funny throughout the show trying to get water for his canteen), a contortionist (he was freaky!) and more.  With this show, there was a rotating rain machine which was cool.

Gord and I both enjoyed it.

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Teresa said...

My son saw it this spring and said it was good. I have yet to go see any Cirque, should really make an effort.