Saturday 14 November 2015

Book ~ "Home" (2015) Matt Dunn

From Goodreads ~ It’s been eighteen years since Josh Peters left dreary, dying Derton - the seaside town where he grew up - and headed for the bright lights of London. Now his dad is sick and his mum needs him, so he’s back - though he’s promised himself he won’t be staying for long.

Then Josh finds himself unexpectedly detained in Derton, living in his cramped teenage bedroom, with simmering family tensions a little too close for comfort. Back amongst the old friends, old enemies and old flames he left behind, he’s worried that some things may never change.

But is Derton the same place he couldn’t wait to escape from back then, full of failures and bitter memories, or has it been doing just fine without him? As Josh revisits his past, will he find that the only one who hasn’t moved on is him? 

His London life is calling him back - but sometimes there’s no place like home.

When Josh was young, he couldn't wait to escape Derton, the small seaside town he grew up in.  The first chance he got, he went to university and moved to London, only visiting Derton on occasion.  Now 36, he goes home for a day to take his parents to the doctor because his father is sick.  When they get the news that his father has cancer and doesn't have long to live, Josh moves back home to help out for as along as it takes.

While home, he reconnects with old friends and even the girl he coldly broke up with via a letter when he was in university.  He discovers that Derton has changed and it's not the depressing town of his youth.

This is the fifth book I've read by this author and I liked it.  I enjoyed the writing style and found it, despite the subject matter, amusing and a bit sarcastic (in a funny way).  It is written by an English author and set in England so their brand of humour was there, though I didn't get some of the references or sayings.  It was written in first person perspective from Josh's point of view.

I liked Josh and his parents.  At first his dad seems a crusty the way he criticizes Josh all the time and seems disappointed in him but we find that he means well.  It was nice to see Josh and his dad's relationship evolve.  His dad handled his impending death with humour and courage.

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