Friday 10 April 2015

Toronto Rock 14, Vancouver Stealth 7

Gord and I are season ticket holders for the Toronto Rock lacrosse team games ... the Rock is a professional lacrosse franchise in the National Lacrosse League (NLL).  This is our third year going to the games and our second year having seasons tickets.

Going into tonight's game, they were in first place (11 - 4) and were playing the Vancouver Stealth. This is the Rock's second last home game, they've lost their last two home games and Vancouver doesn't have a great record ... so we were hoping for a win.

The Rock players warmed up

As usual, Scotty Newlands sang the national anthem.

The Rock huddled to get psyched.

And the game began ...

The goalie's equipment gets measured during every game.

Tim and Gillian sit in front of us are also season ticket holders and cheered the Rock's first goal.

At the end of the first quarter, the Rock was down 2 - 3.

Not as many red wigged guys as usual across the way.

The Toronto Rock Cheerleaders entertained.

Iggy carried one of the cheerleaders off
He looked pretty proud of himself!

 At the end of the second quarter, the Rock was winning 8 - 4.  Whoohoo!

This guy was caught on the dance cam last week and was part of the tricycle race during the intermission.  He and Iggy exchanged dance moves.

The Rock huddled at the beginning of the third quarter to get psyched.

The kids love Iggy!

The Rock Cheerleaders entertained again.

The score at the end of the third quarter was 11 - 6.  Yippee!

The attendance at tonight's game was just over 9,000.

Despite the pretty signs and the pouty face, nothing was going to help the Stealth/

The prize for the 50/50 draw tonight was almost 4,500.  Sweet!

Alas, we didn't win it.

The final score was 14 - 7 for Toronto.  Yay!

The Rock players congratulated each other and then the Vancouver team players.

As usual, the Rock player thanked their fans.

 Tim and Gillian showed their appreciation to the Rock.

Not a big surprise that the top three players of the night were Rock players.  In fact, Brett Hickey scored a new team record of seven goals in one game!

He got interviewed by the inhouse guy that roams around the area and then by BRTV (Humber College).

Great game!  Yes, it's always more fun when the Rock win.  One more home game next Friday and then they are off to the playoffs.

Go Rock, go!

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