Monday 20 April 2015

Burrito Boyz, Toronto, ON (Adelaide W)

My pal, Trish, saw Kingsman: The Secret Service tonight (it was good).

Before the movie, we met at Burrito Boyz (John/Adelaide W) for supper ... it's where we always meet before we see a movie.

Trish ordered the combo meal ... burrito, pop, chips and salsa.

She is vegan and ordered her burrito with ground soy and no dairy.

 I ordered what I always do ... a small chicken burrito.  As always, it was delicious!

Messy and yummy!

It was great to get together with Trish and catch up!  It's been far too long.

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Teresa said...

Those sure look good. I forgot about that movie, it did not play for very long around here.