Friday 14 February 2014

Bar Wellington, Toronto, ON

I met Gord at Bar Wellington (Portland/Wellington) after work for supper this evening.

My beer tasted good!

We split an order of garlic bread.  It was hot and soft ... though tasty, it wasn't very garlicy.  We dipped it in the olive oil/balsamic vinegar.

Gord ordered mac 'n cheese.  The more he ate, the better he liked it.

I ordered wings with Thai sweet chili sauce.  They were okay, not great.  The sauce was good but the wings were overcooked so were too dry.  They definitely weren't "jumbo" ... there were nine for $12 and none were drummettes.  I wouldn't get them again.

Here's the bathroom ... it's wacky because the mirrors are so high above the sink.  I'm 5 ft 1 inch and I couldn't see in the mirror ... good thing I didn't need to check my lipstick!

We've had some good times at this bar ... tonight it was just so-so.

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Masshole Mommy said...

That mac & cheese looks amazing!