Saturday 1 June 2013

"The Three Musketeers", Stratford Festival, Stratford, ON

Gord and I head to the Stratford Festival twice a year ... at the beginning and end of the summer.  We take the 11am VIA Rail train there and catch the 9pm train home.

Today we headed down to see The Three Musketeers.

The play was about to begin.

I enjoyed it and would recommend it.  It was funny, farcical, lively and dramatic.  I found, though, there were a lot of characters and I didn't know who they were and what was going on sometimes, especially in the beginning.  I got the general gist of the story after a while.  I thought the actors playing the musketeers were good.  The Toronto Star gave it 2/4 stars (so do I).

It was at the Festival Theatre so after the play, we followed the Thames River to downtown.  It was overcast but it didn't rain.  Yay!

There were lots of swans, ducks, etc. ... we even saw some baby ducks!

Here are Gord and I ... aren't we cute?!

And there's Gord.

The city hall is impressive.

We had supper at the Backstage Grill.  We had a couple drinks at the Dominion House, which is across the street from the train station (a tradition for us).

Here's the Stratford train station.

And here comes our train, right on time.

About ten minutes before we arrived at Union Station (where we'd got off), the train stopped at Bloor Station (a GoTrain station) and we were all asked to get off.  Apparently there was a fatality on the tracks and VIA Rail was sending everyone home in a cab from there.


LeeAnn said...

Did you see the Star review on Romeo and Juliet? 1 Star and they absolutely crucified the Romeo.
IWhat else are you seeing?

Teena in Toronto said...

I saw the Star hated "Romeo and Juliet"! We're seeing "Tommy" in September.

LeeAnn said...

You will LOVE Tommy I saw it two weeks ago - they send me 2 free tickets for the preview as I had booked group tickets a couple of times -Des Macanuff spoke to us before the performance which was cool but even better, Pete Townsend walked out on the stage at the end - whooo frigging whoooo!! I Love the Who and saw them many times growing up - If you saw the production here in 1993 it is similar - the first 10 mintues are AMAZING!

Teena in Toronto said...

We're looking forward to it, LeeAnn. It's gotten excellent reviews!

Teresa said...

Sounds like a day well spent. I love Stratford it's so quaint.

Masshole Mommy said...

I love the story of the Tree Musketeers!