Wednesday 19 June 2013

Guido & Angelina, Montreal, PQ

I was craving Italian food for supper this evening so walked to Guido & Angelina on Rue Ste-Catherine W.

It was fairly quiet when I got there about 6:15ish.

I sat at a table by the window ... a great spot for people watching.  Alas, there were lots of smokers walking by, both cigarettes and the illegal kind.

My red wine was good.

Megan was my server and took good care of me.

She brought me some bread.  It was really hard and crusty on the outside and I just had a small piece.

I ordered lasagna.

It was made with fresh pasta and the portion was B-I-G.  Though it didn't say in the description, I think there was a lot of parm cheese in it ... and I hate parm cheese.  It would have been so much better without it.

When I left about 7:30ish, the restaurant was fairly crowded.

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