Sunday 10 February 2013

Book ~ "The Adventurer's Guide to Living a Happy Life" (2012) Matt Mosteller

From Goodreads ~ The Adventurer's Guide to Living a Happy Life is a no nonsense, straightforward collection of tips that will guide you forward on your journey to a happy life. Leave it to Powder Matt, professional coach, executive, family man, lover of life and outdoor adventurer to provide simple tips that you can easily use to enhance your own life. 

Distilled from Matt's vast knowledge and experience, from heart pounding adventures, to walking in his local park, to preparing and training for one of the world's toughest adventure races or his harrowing life changing experience of surviving a grizzly attack, he boils down what works for his happy life, into this easy to read guide consisting of 63 simple tips to add happiness to your life each and every day.   The 63 simple tips will help you to: 
  • Stick to adding happiness to your life each and every day 
  • Take stock daily and become aware of your actions 
  • Focus on positive action that creates a ripple effect Stay motivated, focused and refreshed 
  • Celebrate the small successes daily 
  • Believe that you will feel happier everyday! 
Matt Mosteller is a writer, adventurer, traveler, health nut, arctic explorer, outdoor guide, loves Goose Bumps, agent for Positive Change, health crusader and sport coach. 

This book is written by an outdoor adventurer who relates his experiences back to real life ... like being on a canoe trip and they were looking for a good campsite on a stormy night (tip #55).  They came across an early 1900s cabin only to keep moving on because there was a handwritten sign on the door that said, "Don't stay here, large bear roams day and night."  The tip ... make a commitment to always go the distance and make the last mile very important.  Finish brilliantly whatever you are doing.

The 63 simple tips are broken up by chapter:
  1. Fresh beginnings
  2. Physical joy
  3. Mental prosperity
  4. Emotional purpose
  5. Professional development
  6. Dream attainment
  7. Self transformation

BTW, there are 63 tips because that's how many nights he slept in his car during one ski season in his youth.

The tips are focused on being positive, facing your fears, taking advantage of challenges, etc.  It's a quick read and a good book to have handy ... read a tip and work on it and then move onto the next one.

I received a copy of this ebook at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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Masshole Mommy said...

I definitely know some people that could use some of this positivity!