Thursday, 6 May 2010

Plan Member Communications for Pension and Benefits Programs

I attended a seminar this morning called Plan Member Communications for Pension and Benefits Programs. It's part of the CPBI Fundamentals Series:

Communication with plan members is a key part of pension and benefits programs. The effectiveness of the plans can often depend on it—especially in challenging economic times. In this session, pension and benefits communication professionals will discuss effective and practical communication strategies, from roll-out to
feedback, and highlight areas of particular concern for plan sponsors and service providers.

I found it quite interesting.

The two speakers were from a large company, a competitor of the company I work for (one was the manager of my former manager when I worked there).

It's amazing the stuff that they are doing on the web ... very cool the way they are trying to get pension plan members engaged.

I hope we can go in the direction too someday.

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