Thursday, 27 May 2010

Taking care of the furkids

After what happened with Byron last week, I wanted to make sure that Morgan was okay.

He hasn't had a check-up in a couple years ... he's an indoor kitty so I wasn't concerned.

His appointment with the vet was this afternoon. The technician weighed him and he weighs over 16 pounds! He is definitely a tubby tabby! I started measuring out his food last week and he's not starving.

Here in Ontario animals must legally have their rabies shot. I had read some articles a couple years ago about the occurrence of cats getting cancer where they have their shots so haven't had our cats vaccinated since then. As I said, he's an indoor kitty so I wasn't concerned. The vet validated my concern and said the shot is good for three years ... so he got one.

He's in good health. He needs to have his teeth cleaned so I've made an appointment for him for Tuesday.

KC's anal glands are bothering her so I took her with us. They are infected again and the technician cleaned them (that can't be pleasant!). She is on meds for a month. I've had her in a few times since Christmas about this and they usually only give me two weeks of meds. Hopefully being on them for a month will do the trick and it will be gone for good.

We'd had Byron cremated and I brought him home.


Isabel said...

I'm glad morgan is ok. Awww poor kitty on a diet.

Pearl said...

watch for grouchy cat days. our cat didn't take well to diets. course, neither do I.

what will you do with the ashes?

Fizzgig said...

awww kitty ashes! =(

i think only dogs have to have rabies here. I stoppes getting my pets vaccinated when my sister took her cat and he died on the way home =(

a necropasy (sp?) showed it was a "bad batch" of the rabies vaccine. i think it should be up to the owner. esp if they dont go outside!!

Lady Banana said...

Good to hear Morgan is well, he is a big kitty.

I weighed Mabel a couple of weeks ago, she was only 7lbs!