Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Book ~ "I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced" (2010) Nujood Ali and Delphine Minoui

From Amazon ~ Chosen by Glamour magazine as a Woman of the Year in 2008, Nujood of Yemen has become an international hero for her astonishingly brave resistance to child marriage. Sold off by her impoverished family at the age of 10, continually raped by her husband before she even reached puberty, Nujood found the courage to run away, and with the help of an activist lawyer, sympathetic judges, and the international press, she divorced her husband and returned home. Her clear, first-person narrative, translated from the French and written with Minoui, is spellbinding: the horror of her parents’ betrayal and her mother-in-law’s connivance, the “grown-ups” who send the child from classroom and toys to nightmare abuse. She never denies the poverty that drives her parents and oppresses her brothers, even as she reveals their cruelty. Unlike her passive mother, she is an activist, thrilled to return to school, determined to save others, including her little sister. True to the child’s viewpoint, the “grown-up” cruelty is devastating. Readers will find it incredible that such unbelievable abuse and such courageous resistance are happening now.

I hadn't heard of this story when it happened.

I came across this book and it sounded like quite a story ... and it was.

It's such a sad thing to have happened to her but amazingly Nujood was strong enough to get out of a horrible situation and be an inspiration to many others. I hope she succeeds in her dream to be a lawyer.


Teresa said...

How sad, thanks for sharing. Looks like a very interesting read.

Lady Banana said...

Looks like something I'd enjoy reading. Just gotta get my reading mojo back somehow!

Pearl said...

fascinating life. glad things worked so people intervened to pay for her schooling.