Tuesday 30 June 2009

Book ~ "Blood Thirsty" (2008) Marshall Karp

From LomaxandBriggs.com ~ Barry Gerber, one of the most hated men in Hollywood, is a no show for a red carpet event. The next morning he turns up dead, killed in such a bizarre way that neither Detective Mike Lomax nor Terry Biggs nor anyone in Forensics has ever seen anything like it before. Two days later, the prime suspect – another despised Show-business Bad Boy – is found murdered in the same sadistic manner.

The list of suspects is as long as the credits in a summer blockbuster. Everyone hated the murdered men. Terry Biggs jokes that this could be an elaborate public service effort to make Hollywood a better place to live and work. But he and Lomax soon find that all jokes are off as they wade through a daunting number of leads to uncover who will be the next victim. What they stumble upon is a motive far more primal than they had ever imagined.

This is the second in the series of three (I read #3 first, then #1).

I like mysteries and I enjoy Karp's comical writing style.

I didn't get a chance to figure out "whodunnit" because we find out about halfway ... but it's interesting to see the twists and turns before the end.

Definitely a series I'd recommend.

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