Saturday 13 June 2009

Distillery East Coast Festival, Toronto, ON

I checked out the first ever Distillery East Coast Festival this afternoon.

It's in the Distillery District this weekend.

Toronto’s Distillery District was designated as a national historic site because the “complex is an outstanding example of Victorian industrial design in terms of integrity, historical association and aesthetic qualities.” Founded in 1832, Gooderham & Worts began as a windmill in the wilderness and grew to become the largest distillery in the world and the largest corporate taxpayer in Canada.

I watched Skraeling for a while on the Distillery Stage. They were good and played lots of Celtic tunes.

During a break, I wandered over to the Boiler House and caught the end of this blues band.

They were good ... then they went on a "short" break. I gave up waiting for them after a half hour (!!) and went back to watch the end of Skraeling before I headed for home.

If you were hungry, you could buy a hot dog or hamburger ... or more traditionally, a lobster roll and clam chowder.

This festival has possibility. I expected more of an east coast presence, though, with teeshirts, travel reps from the provinces, east coast bands, etc. rather than a handful of Celtic and blues Ontario bands.


Sarah said...

The celtic band sounds like fun!

Teresa said...

You've got so many cute places to hang out in TO. Looks like a fun time.

Lord of the Wings said...

Great photos of the DD.

Too bad the East Coast Festival was really Ontario's take on the East Coast.