Thursday 4 June 2009

Book ~ "Flipping Out" (2009) Marshall Karp

From Amazon ~ LAPD homicide detectives Michael Lomax and Terry Biggs take on a killer targeting a group of police officers' wives. When spouses of some of Lomax and Biggs's closest co-workers are found murdered, they begin their investigation by questioning the surviving members of the LA Flippers, the partnership of cop wives who, along with popular mystery writer Nora Bannister, have found a lucrative way to flip houses in the highly competitive Southern California real estate market. With the body count rising and pressure from Lomax and Biggs's superiors to close the case fast, the wisecracking duo must somehow track down a cunning psychopath before Biggs's wife becomes the killer's next target. Blending the gritty realism of a Joseph Wambaugh police procedural with the sardonic humor of Janet Evanovich, Karp delivers a treat that's not only laugh-out-loud funny but also remarkably suspense.

This is the first book I've read of Karp's ... and I liked it.

Lomax and Biggs are fun, though I found Terry a bit too sarcastic at times.

I figured out who dunnit about halfway through but I didn't know why 'til the end.

If you like humorous mysteries, you should check this one out.


Michael K. Althouse said...

Sounds good, but it will have to take a number and stand in line - there are many books ahead of it.

Tanya sent me,


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Not a big Mystery Reader, but I DO like books that take place in Los Angeles....Thanks for the 'Heads Up".

Sue said...

Sounds goodly! :)