Monday, 25 May 2009

Collingwood Scenic Caves and Suspension Bridge, ON

Sister Sarah and I went to the Collingwood Scenic Caves today.

It was a gorgeous day!

We started by climbing the stairs into the woods.

It's quite a climb but we made it ... here's Sister Sarah standing at the proof!

There's quite a view at Signal Point. It's 550 metres above sea level and you can see about 10,000 kms towards Georgian Bay and beyond.

This is the Indian Council Chamber. Hundreds of years ago, natives would hold meetings there by putting a log across to get there to ensure privacy.

We went down into the cavern.

It was cool there ... literally! There's still snow and ice in the cavern. Here I am sitting in the snow, throwing a snowball at Sister Sarah.

After we finished exploring the caves and caverns, we followed the path back through the woods.

Then we crossed the Suspension Bridge. It's Southern Ontario's longest suspension footbridge.

Chia Kitty came with us. He found it relaxing to sit by the pond afterwards.

What a fun day!


Angie in TO said...

Did you see any birds?

CC said...

Hey, Teena!
Thanks for the wishes all the way from Toronto!
Blogoversary got the day wrong for me, but who cares! ;) I see yours is coming up soon! In case we're in the process of moving to the mainland, let me wish you a happy one ahead of time!
Warmest aloha,

Shammickite said...

Looks like a great day out! I went to those caves many many years ago!

Isabel said...

Very nice pictures!!

Moon-Writer said...

What wonderful pictures. Also what a well written post, I just loved it. I am a bit (okay a whole lot) scared of heights, I don't think I could have crossed that bridge! Yikes!!!
Great post.

Teresa said...

Looks like a great place to spend the day. Have a good time with your sister. Hope the weather keeps sunny for you.