Sunday 17 May 2009

Wendy and Jim's wedding

Jim (Gord's former fencing coach) and Wendy got married today.

Though they moved to Fredericton about year ago, they had their wedding and reception in Jim's father's fencing club (where Jim was the coach).

They combined their cultures (Scottish and Japanese) in the wedding. Jim and Wendy met through fencing and both wore swords.

Gord was part of the honour guard ... eight of them held up swords, which the bride and groom walked under as they walked down the aisle after the ceremony.

The bouquets were origami ... very cool and I'd never seen that before.

There was a fencing tournament at the club yesterday (Gord came 10/12). The final two women and the final two men fenced off during the reception.

Jim explained the rules of fencing.

Ursula and Kayla fenced off for the women ... Kayla won.

Chacho and Mike fenced off for the men ... Chacho won.

Chacho beat Kayla and won the tournament. His prize was a very cool sword.

The wedding cake was delicious!

The meal was a buffet of cold cuts, salad, sushi, rolls, etc.

Very relaxed wedding ... just as they wanted it.


RennyBA said...

Good luck to Jim and Wendy - all the way from Norway! What a sporty way to meet!

He must have Scottish ancestors.

Thanks for sharing and with great pics too.

Angie in T.O. said...

I like the fact that they did it the way they wanted it. :)

Lord of the Wings said...

Simple weddings are awesome.

And that cake looks awesome too!

Sarah said...

The wedding sounds interesting. The cake looked yummy!