Saturday, 24 May 2008

Niagara Falls

After we left Magnotta Wineries, we headed to Niagara Falls for almost six hours.

Gord and I hit the roulette tables first and both lost $100. But we had fun!

Then we went down to the Falls. Here's the Canadian side:

Gord in front of the Canadian Falls

Teena in front of the Canadian Falls

The American side

We headed to the SkyWheel after that.

The SkyWheel

You are in a gondola for 10 minutes and it goes as high as 175 feet. I was really really scared for the first revolution but was fine after that.

We could see a lot of cars in line to get back to Canada from the States on the Rainbow Bridge. No line-ups to get into the States, though.

A view of both of the Falls

Looking down from the top

Looking towards the Fallsview Casino, that took our $$!

The gondolas

Looking up afterwards

Teena in front of the gondolas

Gord in front of the gondolas

We had supper at Hooters before heading back to catch our bus


Mom Knows Everything said...

Great pictures! You are quite good at photography!

Teresa said...

Looks like you had perfect weather to be out and about. Nice little get away. Weekends are way to short!

CapricornWoman said...

Looks like you having some great day's out there, lovely photos!