Sunday, 25 May 2008

Book ~ "Sorrow's Anthem" (2007) Michael Koryta

From Goodreads ~ In the beginning it was all about money. Then things got personal.

This is the story that Ed Gradduk tells his best friend and private investigator, Lincoln Perry. Ed is on the run, hiding from the police who intend to arrest him for arson and murder.

When Gradduk is killed in a violent confrontation with police, Perry cannot shake his friend's death and vows to understand the forces that brought him down.

This is the second book in the Lincoln Perry series.

I enjoyed this book, as I did the first and third one. We learn more about Lincoln and his relationship with his dad.

I like the writing style and cared about the characters.

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Hi Teena! Great blog. I especially liked the Open Doors tours posts. Michele sent me!